Maui United Way Announces Emergency Safety Net Grants

Kahului HI— Maui United Way announces $75,000 to be earmarked as ‘safety net funding’.  

The fund, commemorated by Maui United Way’s 75th Anniversary, will be set aside from the agency’s reserve resources. Launched with $75,000, the safety net funding will respond to the following areas impacting residents of Maui County: food, rental and utility assistance, education and medical.  These funds will be offered in individual grants to non-profits supporting these specific areas within Maui County.

“We are looking to ‘seed’ the initial fund to support our community with the intention of fundraising throughout the corporate, individual and government sector,” said Nicholas Winfrey the agency’s Chief Professional Officer.  “I would look at a rolling grant cycle for a period of 6 months, with the potential to expand the timeframe based upon community needs. We are seeking additional support from the government and corporate partners to join us in our efforts.”

Similar funds have been launched throughout the continental U.S. in response to the projected economic impact of COVID-19. 

“Many residents of Maui County in the service, tourism, and hospitality industries are without work for the foreseeable future,” said Jacob Tavares Maui United Way’s board president. “The fund will provide emergency grants to nonprofit organizations above and beyond our programmatic funding.”

Maui United Way is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to empower our Maui community through caring partnerships that enrich people’s lives.  

To donate or to find out which organizations are eligible or receiving funding, visit

For more information about Maui United Way call 808.244.8787 or visit the above website.